Christina Aguilera – Liberation Album (Zip Download)

Christina Aguilera - Liberation Album (Zip Download)

She was an original coach on “The Voice,” schooling teams for five seasons from 2011 to 2016, but Christina Aguilera could still out-sing most of the competition in the music game herself. That’s exactly what this vocal powerhouse had been doing since her 1999 self-titled debut took her from “Mickey Mouse Club” member to Grammy-winning diva.

But it’s been six years since Aguilera’s last album, 2012’s “Lotus,” and this siren’s slaying was missed. Now freed from her “Voice” chair, on “Liberation,” out Friday, Xtina proves that she still packs a heavyweight belt. Check out these five vocal standouts from her new album.

01 Liberation
02 Searching For Maria
03 Maria
04 Sick Of Sittin’
05 Dreamers
06 Fall In Line
07 Right Moves

08 Like I Do
09 Deserve
10 Twice
11 I Don’t Need It Anymore (Interlude)
12 Accelerate
13 Pipe
14 Masochist
15 Unless It’s With You

Christina Aguilera – Liberation Album (Zip)

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