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Thor Soundtrack (Recording Session by Patrick Doyle)

Thor Soundtrack

Genre: Score
Date: 2011
Country: USA
Audio codec: MP3
Quality: 320 kbs
Playtime: 1:52:10

01. Chasing The Storm (1m1)
02. Prologue (1m2)
03. Sons Of Odin (1m3)
04. Sons Of Odin (Pickup) (1m3)
05. A New King (1m6)
06. A New King (Alternate) (1m6)
07. You’re Not King (2m7)
08. Ride To Observatory (2m9)
09. Ride To Observatory (Alternate) (2m9)
10. Bifrost And Beyond (2m10)
11. To Jotunheim (2m10b)
12. Laufey (3m11)
13. Frost Giant Battle (3m12)
14. Ruuun! (3m13)
15. Odin Arrives (3m14)
16. Banishment (3m15)
17. Thor Tasered (4m16)
18. Hospital Brawl (4m17)
19. Banished Not Dead (4m18)
20. Crisis In Asgard (4m19)
21. Odin Confesses (4m20)
22. Hammer Found (5m21)
23. Hammer Found (Alternate End) (5m21)
24. Thor In Image (5m22)
25. Thor Missing (5m23)
26. We’ve Found It (5m25)
27. Urgent Matter (5m26)
28. Where Are You Going (5m29)
29. Research Gone (6m30)
30. Selvig In Library (6m31)
31. Odin Sleep (6m32)
32. Odin Sleep (Pickup) (6m32)
33. Arriving At The Compound (6m33)
34. Thor Enters Compound (6m34)
35. Chase For Hammer (6m35)
36. Not Worthy (6m36)
37. Interrogation (7m37)
38. Loki’s Lie (7m38)
39. Loki’s Lie (Alternate) (7m38)
40. Selvig Frees Thor (7m40)
41. My Bastard Son (7m41)
42. Troubled Gatekeeper (7m42)
43. Carrying Selvig Home (7m45)
44. Science And Magic (7m46)
45. Under House Arrest (7m47)
46. Jane And Thor Awaken (8m48)
47. Jane And Thor Awaken (Alternate) (8m48)
48. Warriors Travel To Earth (8m50)
49. Warriors Downtown (8m50b)
50. Loki Freezes Heimdall (8m51)
51. Warriors Find Thor (Alternate) (8m52)
52. Destroyer Released (9m53)
53. Move It People (9m53B)
54. Destroyer Attack (9m54)
55. Destroyer Returns (9m55)
56. Gives Himself Up (9m56)
57. Hammer Kills Destroyer (9m57)
58. Hammer Kills Destroyer (Pickup V3) (9m57)
59. Hammer Kills Destroyer (Pickup V4) (9m57)
60. May I Take You (9m58)
61. Laufey Killed (10m59)
62. Bifrost Attack (10m60)
63. This Is Madness (10m61)
64. Brothers Fight (10m62)
65. Loki Lets Go (10m63)
66. Can You See Jane (10m64)
67. Can You See Jane (End) (10m64)
68. Earth To Asgard (11m65)
69. Earth To Asgard (Alternate) (11m65)

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